Who We Are

We have been engineering, creating and selling software to our Partners in different industries since 1996. The targeted fields of our applications are maintenance, production and quality system support where the effectiveness of the operation can be significantly increased by using our market leading programs.
We pay special attention to support our customers in replacing their old systems with more modern, world-class products.

Our main strengths are the ability to fully meet the unique needs and requirements of our Partners and our strong support system that can ensure uninterrupted software operation for our Customers.
Serving the Partnerís new demands and changes is assured throughout the software life cycle.

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Our Products

Our softwares are characterized by the following features:
Our applications are characterized by the following features: • modern and clean user interface • simple and easy to learn handling • database management based on SQL server • possibility of local network and Internet access • multilingual environment • many years of operational experience • support of internal communication

Steelman CMMS

Multilingual, overall maintenance management system. To plan and organize the maintenance of production machines and automated production line systems.
The software automatically schedules the maintenance events either on a recurring basis (preventive maintenance) or based on the production data (predictive maintenance).

Steelman TWO

A software system for recording production and maintenance data of injection molding devices. It is suitable for auditing the state of the devices in production, in the workshops and on standby. The report inventory of the program features a wide range of maintenance KPIs.

Steelman CMS

Steelman Warranty

Steelman ProMon

Collects and analyzes the production data of automated, semi-automated and manual production cells. Using the PROMON system, the user can see the status of the production units with the production parameters. The data collected over time can be retrieved and analyzed.

Steelman TR

Production quality control software especially for welding, crimping, blanking and scrap areas. The main purpose of the software is to manage test reports with pictures, measurements and visual checks.

Steelman Hasher

Steelman Waste Management