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Multilingual, overall maintenance manager system, planning and organizing maintenance of production machines and automatic production line systems. 

It includes automatic scheduling based on production figures.

 • Full-scale management of planned maintenance and emergency repair of production machines.
• Clear user friendly graphic appearance
• Reports with optional parameters, also in unique compilations. Full data extraction
• Unlimited number of workstations
• Remote access available
• Authority system: user and role-based access control
• Electronical data communication with other systems e.g.t.:Business Object, MS-OFFICE
• Multilingual user interface

Main functionality

 • Automatic scheduling of planned maintenance of production units
• Production units can be organized in hierarchy with an optional depth
• Templates of maintenance plans
• The treatment of maintenance instructions
• The launch of maintenance plans for the production units
• The automatic timing of maintenance tasks by the frequency given in the plans
• The giving of frequency can be based on a time period or step number
• Child units get the step number of the parent object
• The tasks will be continuously scheduled by the actual step numbers
• Collective operations to treat numerous production units
• Registering of workers, for example: attendance
• Competence matrix for the workers
• The treatment of unscheduled, extraordinary corrections
• The printing of worksheets
• Report opportunities for a full data extraction

Calendar View

 • The planned works are shown on a clear-cut surface, where the scheduling operations are performable
• The maintenances are visible per line, the status of the works are signed by colours

Work Types

The system handles the undermentioned work types:

 • Preventive Maintenance
• Predictive Maintenance
• Corrective Maintenance
• Emergency Maintenance
• Hypothesis Test
• Kaizen Action