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As we all know that operating a complex software system requires permanent support, our software products are provided with the following support system:

• assistance and fast realization of specific personal needs and permanent development based on new requests occurring during collaboration with the speciality
• fast realization of new requests within 48 hours, for example a new report or a new data field in the system
• online error and feature notifying system, steps are taken within four hours for all the reflections from the customer
• training material supporting internal training
• possibility of demonstration
• these possibilities are valid for two years, this period of time can be extended
• full functional guarantee is undertaken for the whole system
• the customer is sent all the updated versions with installation happening automatically

Our software products are sold with essential support at all times. In case of more complex systems and bigger companies there is a possibility to widen the supporting system in terms of time and functionality. One of the examples of the extra support is to train the employees of the company how to use the software product or to arrange IT courses for the employees. A popular form of support is a personal consultation to sort out the problems occurring while using the software product.